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SHINE envisions the transformation of an early 20th-century "Main Street" portrait photography studio into a freely accessible educational hub and resource. This space is designed to serve as a dynamic platform for artists, curators, and members of the Greater Newark, New Jersey creative community. At SHINE, individuals can actively engage in the creation and exploration of cutting-edge art and photography through a diverse range of programs.


In the spirit of the monumental photographer James Van Der Zee (whose first professional photography job was in this same spot in Newark) SHINE invites and collaborates with visiting artists, curators, scholars and others to create new projects and programming that connect with Rutgers University-Newark students, the broader community and that radiate beyond. SHINE is also a fully-realized, cutting-edge photography studio with state-of-the-art equipment and technical support free to use for the entire regionally-based creative community, including artists, photographers, stylists, fashion designers, and other entrepreneurs. The SHINE facility occupies 3,500 square feet of studio space at Express Newark in the former Hahne & Company building located at 609 Broad Street, Newark, NJ.

Hours + Location

Hours By Appointment

54 Halsey Street | Studio 319

Newark, NJ 07104


p: 973-353-0758

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