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SHINE has a selection of different backdrops available for use. Some of these are custom made in the SHINE studio, some are from manufacturers that supply the most cutting-edge commercial photo studios, and others are from industry standard manufacturers. Our selection of backdrops are always being updated, scroll down to each section to learn more:

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Schmidli Backdrops, Los Angeles, CA

About: ”Marco's work is known for its sensitive surfaces and subtle textures. He has developed specialized techniques for applying and layering color. His backdrops appear in highly respected magazine publications, catalogues, and brochures, and set the standard for the modern backdrop. Consequently, many top photographers in the industry choose a Schmidli backdrop first.”

Pathways to Achievement and Success Program (PAS) @ Express Newark

SHINE Portrait Studio teaches year-round art workshops within this high school program, which is a partnership between Rutgers University Newark, Newark City of Learning Collaborative and Express Newark.

During the fall 2017 term instructors Adrienne Wheeler, artist, and Shelly Edelman, photographer, guided students to create two backdrops that would become a prop resource for clients of SHINE Portrait Studio.

Different cohourts of students came to each Saturday session over the duration of 8 weeks, and each continued the efforts and work of the previous group.


Students were introduced to textiles and patterning used as props by a range of different West African photographers, as well as Gees Bend quilts. From this basis students sketched, went shopping at a local fabric store, and assembled these backdrops through processes of sewing and collage.

Each backdrop is 10’x12’ and can be used hanging or as a floor drop, constructed of  heavy-sturdy layers of different fabrics.

Commissioned Backdrops

Margrethe Aanestad

Radiance, 2021, 185 x 177 in. Interior paint and Metallic Gold paint.

107" Seamless Paper

We maintain a rotating stock of 107" seamless paper backdrops. Primarily Savage and Set Shop's SetPaper.

Muslin and Fabric Backdrops

We maintain a rotating stock of 10'x12' and 10'x24' muslin and fabric backdrops.

Custom Backdrops

This is our first custom backdrop, hand-painted by Rutgers University-Newark independent study student Cansuela Lawrence. This backdrop is acrylic on canvas with matte medium to make it non-reflective and perfect for photography use. We hope to expand this selection over time in partnership with the next cohort of independent study students.