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Call for local artists, designers, filmmakers, performers, writers and other creatives

“Creator of the Empathics—fictional futuristic beings who time-travel and shape-shift across the multiverse,” artist Saya Woolfalk has created a backdrop in SHINE, Cloudscape: Portal, and capes designed by fashion designer Marco Hall with fabric by Woolfalk. 


Use Woolfalk’s props as a jumping off point for your own ideas and works, we encourage artists to schedule private time in SHINE to create with her project. For image makers we are happy to provide technical support to realize your project with studio lighting, and otherwise. 


Visit studio 319 for more information, or email: 


Participate and consider submitting your image for possible publication in a photo book and pop-up exhibition. 


Visit the related exhibition Saya Woolfalk: Field Notes from the Empathic Universe on view through December 31, 2022 at The Newark Museum of Art (49 Washington Street, Newark)


Event Date(s)
Installation in SHINE Until May 2023, email for hours.

# 319 SHINE Portrait Studio @ Express Newark at the Hahne Building

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