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Plume House of Prayer Series I


Plume House of Prayer Series I

Published Artists: Anthony Alvarez, Colleen Gutwein, Dominique Duroseau, Nick Kline, Scheherazade Tillet

Editor: Nick Kline

Designer: Chantal Fischzang

Publisher: Shine Portrait Studio Press

City: Newark, NJ

Year: 2019

Pages: 236 p.

Dimensions: 10 in x 10 in x 1 in

Cover: Paperback

Binding: Perfect

Process: Risograph, Pigment Ink

Color & Black and White

Edition Size: 100

ISBN: 978-1-7333061-2-6


Anthony Alvarez’s In Prayer is composed of self-portrait photographs created daily over eight months. The artist immersed himself in ritualistic vigorous movement, shaking his head from side to side, but also in restrained stillness, keeping his torso relatively steady. Long camera exposures render the repetition of movements and vibrations, which the artist refers to as forms of meditation and prayer.

Dominique Duroseau’s Blue., depicts a constructed set within the Shine studio in which the artist created self-portrait photographs as her "Mammy Was Here" character. In a series of performances for the camera the artist explores racist tropes, the erotic and self, in ways that hover between intimate voyeuristic, and direct.

Colleen Gutwein, The Camera I Always Wanted. Since the 1930’s there have been at least 25 different manufactures that have created Girl Scout-branded cameras. One of these cameras, created by "Jemco" in Newark, NJ, inspired Gutwein to create a series of photographs, depicting some of these cameras, at the organization’s headquarters in NYC.

Nick Kline, Two Sermons At House of Prayer. A series of photographs of House of Prayer Church. In July 2019, 174 years later, close to the corresponding day the sermon that inspired this published series was first delivered, Kline attended their Sunday service. It was 90 degrees, and felt more stifling inside the old church than outside it.