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Dominique Duroseau & Marco Hall

In 2020 SHINE commissioned Dominique Duroseau, Visual Artist, and Marco Hall, Fashion Designer, to collaborate with each other. The two artists didn’t know each other but the impulse to bring them together for a collaboration was that they are both storytellers with textiles/fabric, pattern, beauty, desire, body, and so much more. Their creative challenge, working remotely during COVID quarantine, was to create a wardrobe of clothes for Shine, and these items would live in a permanent installation and accessible as props, for any users of the studio. Fabrics are an intentional sculptural presence in Shine, to add warmth, comfort, ritual, and place for the spirit.


This commissioned project was conceptually shaped by Nick Kline; Dom Duroseau created a sketch book of detailed ideas, including drawings below; Marco Hall interpreted these sketches and notes to create the actual wardrobe. The photographs featured in the Lookbook below were made by Anthony Alvarez in August 2021. This project was possible through a funding grant award from the City of Newark, NJ.

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